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We at Matergenics are available for onsite, laboratory petrographic testing, condition assessment, and root cause determination for failures of concrete structures and concrete coatings.

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We provide you with a wide variety of services related to concrete condition. Whether you need to assess the concrete in your aging structures or inspect it for high rise buildings, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you with your project. Explore our services below.

Condition Assessment

Carefully Inspected

Our highly experienced concrete specialists are available for onsite, laboratory testing and root cause determination for failures of concrete and concrete coatings.

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Petrographic Analysis

Microscopic Examination

A review of the concrete matrix using microscopic techniques described in ASTM C856 to determine concrete constituents, quality, and cause of inferior performance, distress, or deterioration.

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Coating & Cathodic Protection

Mitigation Solutions

If accelerated corrosion is captured early on thermal zinc spray, coating application, and cathodic protection can mitigate the accelerated corrosion with low costs.

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Research & Development

New Innovative Ideas

We are constantly improving our approach to mitigate concrete failures. We are conducting experiments in order to develop a cutting-edge sensor that detects rebar corrosion.

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    For the last three months, Matergenics has been inspecting galvanized steel transmission structures in Northern BC, Canada.

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    EnviroZense is a wireless, heat resistant, temperature and corrosion monitoring sensor that monitors wildfire temperatures and the below ground corrosion activity

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    We have created the “ZEE Probe”! A fully-functional corrosion detection tool for corrosion evaluation of magnetic alloys and live water mains!

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Know what’s Happening in Your load-bearing concrete foundation Sooner

There are more than 1.5 million condominium units in Florida, of these, more than 912,000 and are older than 30 years, approximately the home of 2,000,000 residents. The tragic event in Surfside building (Condo Collapse) brought the topic of safety of aging structures to the surface. More likely than not proper inspection and corrosion risk assessment in 2018 would have prevented this tragic event. Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete also led to the partial collapse of the federal office building housing the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Miami Field Division. That building collapsed on the morning of August 5, 1974, crushing to death 7 DEA employees and injuring 15 others. The rooftop parking lot caved in causing the partial collapse.

We at Matergenics understand your need to protect your assets and prevent future, catastrophic failures. Our NACE certified engineers and corrosion experts are highly trained and ready to assist you in your concrete assessments.

Accelerated corrosion due to chloride ions will reduce the thickness of the rebar, which can weaken it and cause collapse. Another way for concrete to fail is when iron oxide forms around rebar, resulting in an expansion in volume that causes the surrounding concrete to spall.

Sources: The Constructor; Mehrooz Zamanzadeh PhD, Matergenics. Wall Street Journal Aug 24th 2021


View some of our work below. We have consulted on numerous projects ranging from the Miami condo collapse to concrete balcony assessment.

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No evaluation can be complete without input from the project owner or maintenance personnel. These individuals live with the project on a daily basis and typically have historical data related to building/project use, prior maintenance history, change in use of the facility, etc. In addition, a successful repair strategy can only be developed if the expectations of the client are clearly understood. For example, if the structure will be replaced in one year, it is not beneficial to the client to evaluate the structure and develop repairs for a 20-year anticipated life.

What Our Clients Say

“Southern California Edison (SCE) has worked with Dr. Zee and his team over the past 30+ years to help maintain a high level of structural reliability.

Dr. Zee and his team have always provided a high level of service. Their investigations are thorough, their reports are detailed and their scientifically based solutions provide the best alternatives in addressing any issues. “

CLINTON CHAR • SCE MANAGER, Souther California Edison

“Dr. Zee and his team provides expert analysis and solutions to extending the life of the infrastructure through corrosion mitigations and failure analysis.

I have had the honor or working with Dr. Zee professionally in committee work and in the pole business for many years and Valmont has benefitted greatly from our association. I look forward to continuing working with Dr. Zee and his team.”


Protecting Infrastructure

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